Yerevan State University donated dozens of books to the Mosul Universi


Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, was under the control of the Islamic State since June 2014. As a result of the city’s liberation efforts organized by the Iraqi Armed Forces in October 2016, the Iraqi government officially announced the liberation of Mosul.

Many institutions of the city have been destroyed and robbed by terrorist groups. One of those important institutions is the Mosul University, which has had a good reputation and its library fund was almost completely burnt.
“We are sure that the people of Iraq will find strength to restore not only the city but also beautiful traditions. University world is indivisible. We are the part of this world,” - said Aram Simonyan and added that YSU is ready to hold continuous events to support the restoration of the Mosul University Library.

The event was also attended by Chargé d'Affaires of the Republic of Iraq to Armenia, Alia Mahmoud Salman, who presented the history of the library and thanked for the support.
Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies Ruben Melkonyan underlined that the Armenian people, more than any nation, understands what means of saving and preserving literature and other cultural values during the war.
Then the Head of the Chair of Arabic Studies Hayk Kocharyan presented the books the Chargé d'Affaires.

At the end of the meeting a presentation was made by the students of the Chair of Arabic Studies of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, a film dedicated to Mosul and the Mosul University Library was shown.

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